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BabyBjörn Play & Feeding Bib

Age Range: 8 months to 3 years old.

BABYBJÖRN® Play & Feeding Bib protects your children's clothes from dirt with its soft and durable structure.
It helps to protect children's clothes from spilled food pieces during their meals or dyeing activities during playtime.
Thanks to its breathable special textured fabric, it prevents you from feeling excessively hot and is easy to wear and the buttons are fastened at the back. It provides comfort to your child with its soft and flexible structure. Spilled pieces of food can be easily wiped off and machine washed.


Protects your child's clothes from contamination.
It has long sleeves, elastic and comfortable wrist.
Easy to clean.
Resistant to getting wet

Test & Safety: It does not contain any material harmful to health. All fabrics have been tested to not harm your baby's skin and are safe. Öko-Teks 100 standard, 1st class certified.

Product Ingredient Content:  Fabric 50% polyester and 50% Materials

Cleaning: Machine washable at 40°C. Wash separately. Use environmentally friendly, mild and non-whitening detergent.

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